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Huizhou Great Wall Color Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd was found in 1999. Its’ headquarters is located at Huamao Centre Building 3, Huicheng Dist, Huizhou,Guangdong, while the factory is located in Daxin Industrial Park, Zhongkai High-tech Development Zone.


The development zone swarms with international well-known enterprises. Address of the Industrial Park is Great Wall Color Printing & Packaging Industrial Park, Licheng Industrial Area, Shuikou, Huizhou.


The orderly and beautiful design of the plant embodies our management concept. We always focus on the printing industry and are dedicating to this industry, so that we penetrate the human-based management into every details in the whole building.


For more than 20 years, we have been resisting all kinds of commercial temptations and focusing on the high-end packaging and printing. We constantly pursue a leading position in this industry.Our mission is to be a top color printing & packaging expert in the world. And we now have the most advanced pre-print, post- print and post- print finishing  packaging equipment.

$0.30 - $0.60/Piece
1000 Pieces(Min. Order)